Windows Defender can't remove exploits



I recently did a full system scan using Windows Defender. Once it finished it actually noticed quite a few threats that it labelled as "exploits". Since it found the threats I now want to remove them so I've clicked the "Start Actions" button but all that seems to do is throw me in a loop of quick scans. The actions available in Windows Defender don't seem to let me remove the exploits. Could someone point me in the proper direction to actually remove the exploits?

Some additional details:

When on the home screen I click "Start actions" under Virus & threat protection. On this screen it just loads forever, I let it run over 4 hours with no change.

When looking at the "Current Threats" list under Virus & threat protection it gives me all the details of the exploits and allows me to specific what kind of action I want to take. I've selected remove. Then I click "Start Actions" and it prompts me to run another scan and it just loops the entire process.

I would also like to add when the problem originally started showing up Windows Defender kept crashing until I ran the commands in this post: Windows Defender Security Center Crashes Now it's just extremely slow but will eventually do stuff.

I understand Windows Defender is trying to process stuff but I just wanted to note that it's antimalware service is consuming 53% CPU usage (probably why the app is having problems)

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