Windows 10 Quick Assist Dependencies? Getting Blank Window with Rolling Dots on Launch



Small nonprofit here with a few PCs that all exhibit similar behavior. The PCs are Windows Pro 1809 & 1903 (fully up to date) When I launch Quick Assist (what used to be called Remote Assistance), it just launched a blank white window with endless rolling dots as if a necessary dependency like a service or something isn't running.

The PCs have never been connected to a domain and the users are all local admins. I've confirmed "allow remote connections to this computer" is selected under Windows system properties. I don't see any services by the name "quick assist" or "remote assistance." I could be overlooking something by another name. No group policies are set under admin templates->system->remote assistance. I could be overlooking a relevant group policy elsewhere.

I have no idea where to look for relevant registry entries for quick assist. I see it's designated as an "app." When I run dism /online /get-capabilities I do see

Capability Identity : App.Support.QuickAssist~~~~
State : Installed

I do know the Microsoft.GetHelp AppxPackage has been removed from these PCs and I'm wondering if that's been made a dependency somehow???

The reason I'm thinking that may somehow be related is a random person discussing adding back Quick Assist via dism suggested App.Support.ContactSupport~~~~ should also be present with App.Support.QuickAssist~~~~ They didn't give any indication how they knew that though.

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