why has Defender blocked an update of CCleaner (free)?



I have v.5.62 of CCleaner (free).

I had a message just now from Piriform that an update was available so I clicked to install it. There was then a message that Microsoft Defender had blocked it. The message was only there for a second or two so I had no time to take a screen print/snip but I had the impression that it didn't give me any options such as "Ignore warning - proceed with Update". I've no idea if this is what normally happens as Defender has never interfered before - the last update was on the 5th October and the update was installed without any problems. This interference has wasted my time, what with having to create this and also asking Piriform to give me access to the update again. Obviously I can't do this until I sort out this Defender problem.

Has something changed with Defender recently? If it has, can I change the settings somewhere? I don't want it interfering with CCleaner updates.

PS Microsoft Store has several Cleaner Apps but I don't want those.

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