Live Search, why does Google have my sites, but not you?

Jan 10, 2007
In The Machine
Whenever I register a domain Google gets it right away.* I think that's because GoDaddy sends the URLs to Google, but that doesn't explain why Live doesn't get with the program even when I submit my my URLs to Live.* I like for picture search, but when it doesn't index some websites at all that makes me hesitant to use it for websites.* Does Google have an unfair advantage over other search providers?* At any rate, I'm going to perform a little test:

Earlier this month I registered my piece of the internet with GoDaddy!* Today I posted about how I think Tablet PCs are ready for the masses, but won't ever reach popularity unless brick and mortar stores embrace the technology.* Last week I made a video post about the Creative Zen Stone Plus.

Since this is a failry popluar site, I'm wondering if Live Search will find these links and add them to its database.* It would make sense if it does, but it still doesn't make sense that it won't index URLs added through that before mentioned URL submission form.


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