How To Fix Windows Update [BITS/AU]



This is for anyone who's having trouble with WU (BITS/AU):
[I wrote it -- I would have posted the entire set of
instructions here, but I wasn't sure if I could upload
the Zip file with the Registry fixes on this N.G., so
anyone could subsequently download it. However,
the necessary File ready for downloading, along with the
lengthy instructions, are all located at the above link.]

If the above link doesn't work, go to:
Click "Forums" right below the Castlecops logo,
then go to the "General Computer Problems" Forum
(2nd one down), click on it and look for the Topic called:
"How To Fix Windows Update (BITS/AU)".

[As of THIS writing (10/31/08 4:02 PM EDT),
it was on the 1st page (on top) and the 'Last Post'
was made on Tue. Sep. 2, 2008 at 1:34 PM -
I've added a new step in my last post on the 15th
page, because you can't Edit original posts anymore.]

If you're not a member and want to register for a
free account, go to:
[Look on the bottom of the Login box on the right side
and click where it says:
"Click here to create a registered account" (and follow
the instructions from there).]

Hope it helps somebody here (it sure seemed like it did at CC)...
[Three and a half years later and it's received over 188,900 hits,
over 22,750 downloads, 224 replies and hundreds of responses,
suggestions, additions, questions and "thank you's," so I guess it's
helped a few people at least...]
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